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Momoko Kumai`s designs involve the illusion of perpetual movement so that the image will be ever-changing in response to the angle from which it is viewed, as well as in response to movements of the body and the direction and intensity of light. Most pieces are simple geometric structures formed with overlapping lines to convey a sense of rhythm and spatial depth. The use of subtle gold color variations complements the basic design intention by suggesting a degree of fluidity within the structure. Her designs constantly work on the imagination by posting the question: how can the fixed and still be ever fluid and changing?





2007MA, Royal College of Art, GMS&J, London


Permanent Collection


-CODA  Museum,  Apeldooem, Netherlands

-Victoria & Albert Museum, London




2007: P&O Makower Trust Committion, London

2007: Commended, Goldsmiths Craftmanship & Design Awards, London

2006: Finalist, New Traditional Jewellery, Amsterdam, Netherland

2006: Silver Award, Goldsmiths Craftmanship & Design Awards, London

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